One of the main characteristics of fast-food is that it is delivered soon after you placed your order. This minimizes the time you have to wait almost to zero. Now someone found a way to make it even more easier!

After WWII, when domestic appliances became available to everyone and televisions became the most important object of the house, producers started to think how they could make it easier for housewives and working moms to make dishes. The first ready-to-eat meals were prepared and on sale in supermarktes. It became incredible popular within a short period of time.

At that time families could also start to buy their first car. Production of these machines became more efficient and thus cheaper. Due to shorter working weeks, people also first encountered the phenomenon of leisure time. In the weekends people didn’t stay at home anymore but drove out of the city to see more of the country. All these impressions made hungry. That’s where the hamburger restaurants get in.

In the same efficiency as cars were made, the hamburger restaurants ‘assembled’ menus containing fries, shakes and of course (ham)burgers. Costumers should order their food at the counter to keep the prices low and the system as efficient as possible. Later drive-in made it faster than ever. There was no need to get out of the car anymore, so less time was ‘wasted’ on eating.

Now fast-food is available everywhere. The prices are still low. Most of the times even lower than primary products like fruit and vegetables which can be picked up in supermarkets. You know what is has caused. 

Soon the drive-in might not be necessary anymore. At most a drive-in for the fast-food delivery service. Some smart guys recently started a delivery service which brings your favorite hamburger menu at your doorstep. It takes no effort at all.

I am not sure whether to be happy on this. It is no good when fast-food is becoming available easier than it already is. On the other hand will it probably become much more expensive and so more comparable in price to other home delivery services. And than people might decide for the healthier option.