Some months ago I already told about my do-it-yourself-food-growing project. The project is running well and my boyfriend and I have already enjoyed some home grown rucola, lettuce and basil. But when we recently went out for dinner, we couldn’t take a break from working.

Growing your own food is hot. As soon as a local government doesn’t know what to do with a leftover piece of land, an empty building or an area which has social problems, they decide to start some urban farming project. And it can do a lot good as I’ve discussed in this post

Restaurants also seem to have discovered the advantages of this new trend. They grow their own food or they make sure the menu has at least some local dishes made from products obtained from local farmers. The guests can just lean back in their relaxing chairs while the chef and his staff prepare beautiful dishes with honest ingredients. More about this next week. But my local movie theatre decided to be different

IKEA is known for its cheap designer’s furniture enabling everyone to live in a comfortable interior created all by themselves. IKEA does some suggestions, but you can mix and match as long as you feel satisfied. Prices are low so you don’t have to worry about the budget. And the creative persons amongst us can even personalize the products more when they become IKEA hackers.

My local movie theatre found two artists that decided that everyone can be creative. They turned the restaurant of the theatre into an IKEA hack space where every guest could create his own table; a table cloth or placemats, some real plants or a paper flower, candle light or an electric one. After you prepared your table and checked the menu you filled in the order list. Then the waitress comes to pick it up. Then the delivery service comes in; before you know your order is served right at your decorated table. It seems to be the ideal combination of IKEA creativity and designers luxury.