August should be the hottest month of the Italian summer. Therefore many people choose to go out of the city to spend their holidays in the cooler mountains or near fresh sea breezes. But if you decide to stay in the city there are also many options to refresh yourself. Here you will find some suggestions.

The Italians are famous for their ice cream. Not only tourist but also the Italians themselves love to eat them. And it can be eaten almost every time of the day. Whether it is hot or cold an ice cream get's the pain away. Lately I've read this amazing sentence saying: You can't buy happiness but you can buy ice cream. And that's almost the same.

Besides ice cream the Italians made a wonderful invention called granita. The price of this fluid ice drink rises with the quality. But if you know where to go, you can spoil yourself and your friends with any flavor you like and be sure that you can stand the heat for a couple of hours more.

If you don't fancy a cold stomach than you can decide to stay on one of the many terraces along the streets which usually offer shaded seats. Sit down and have a caffé of - when you feel like you need to relax - take a beer or a spritz. A visit to a terrace could be as long as you want.  It can take 10 minutes when you only have a caffé up to some hours when it's late afternoon and you decide to fill-up with an aperativo.

If all these options are not enough to cool you down I suggest you head for the centre of Milano or any other touristic spot in the country and find a terrace with human vaporizers. You maybe won't believe it but - even in this period in which we live in a economic crisis and seem to head for a climate crisis - there is someone who invented these vaporizers cooling down people like they are vegetables in the supermarket.

I rather choose one of the first.