Working together on making something beautiful of a former unused or under-used area.
Let’s talk about the dream which for more than a year every now and then returns to me.  A dream that I decided to start to realize, but did not get many attention lately, because for different reasons. However, with the upcoming Experiment Days this might change within a minute.

In case you have forgotten (or never understood) what my dream is about, I will give a short explanation. It is since a while that I believe in the use of green as an tool to improve urban situations, whether this is  on the social, sustainable or many more subjects. In practising this ‘believe’ I started a collaboration amongst others with Orti d’Azienda, and with ZUP The recipe for change. The later one not so much focuses on this field, but however it has related projects in its portfolio. Also I used my facebook page to inspire my followers with already realized ideas from all over the world.

One of the results of my commitment was a small but fun commission for LifeEcocourts, an association, formed by different Italian municipalities and other organisations, that promotes sustainable living. In two Saturday mornings we designed and realized a garden shared by all the people living in a sustainable apartment building in the west of Milan. An interesting experience which gave me a lot of satisfaction, especially when some months later they send me some picturesof the first harvest

This experience has been enjoyed so much by both the organizers and the participants, that we decided to elaborate this in a so called service: in case you consider to start an ‘orto condominiale’ or, in English, a communal garden, in this case shared between you and your neighbours, Orti d’Azienda and Food in the Streets help you to realize your ‘dream’, from the moment you start to wake-up and talk about it until the harvest of your first red tomatoes. And after, in case needed.

So in any case, I invite you to pass by Via Ampère 61 on the 11th of the 12th of October 2014. More info and registration here

Ps. Also ZUP The Recipe for Change will be present during the Experiment Days. On Sunday at h12.30 both Food in the Streets, Orti d'Azienda and ZUP will give a workshop (splitted in two parts) that will give you an idea of what service we can offer you.