A vegetarian lunchroom next to a butcher

Sometimes it is hard to believe that two opposing characters are able to live together. It seems for example a paradox that there exists something like environment friendly cars. But it is exactly these two apparently opposing things (cars and environment friendly) that make people reflect on the choices they make.

While for years there used to be a clear division between conscious people and those more unconscious, this difference is decreasing now.  Even the supermarkets selling only low-budget products now offer more local or organic foods. It might be mainly out of marketing reasons (to make sure that those who want to be more responsible towards food production continues shopping at the supermarket) but it also has some effects on those who did not plan to be responsible at all. They might decide sometime to treat themselves with some ‘real meat’.  It works similar to the special offers a supermarket places close to the pay desks: you did not plan to buy it, but couldn’t resist (this is called nudging). Thereby increasing the amount of people buying more responsible products which might even make them feel better when leaving the supermarket.

Not only supermarkets use this strategy. People who want to lose weight usually take an example to whom they would look like: their best friend, a pop star or the lady from that food commercial. When aiming to attract or keep a certain target group companies use this effect in their commercials.

I wonder whether this also functions as certain companies come together accidentally. In my hometown the Burger king is situated next to a supermarket selling only fresh sustainable and local products. Also we have a butcher which has a vegetarian lunchroom as a neighbor. It is funny in a way but can be strange and maybe even remarkable too. How can these two shops just be besides each other without ending up in big fights?
Of course we all have our own sense of taste, a different budget and preferences. Therefore there are so many clothing companies making collections in different styles. And therefore different supermarkets offer a wide variety of brands and products. Because the customer wants to be able to compare and choose. Maybe some people are really straight and always stay with their decision. But others are more relax and choose to have lunch at a vegetarian lunchroom and have a meat stew for dinner. Some might need a silly hamburgers and fries after to ‘compensate’ for the responsible supermarket shopping they just did.

It might seem strange but it is these complementary things that make life interesting and give you the need to reconsider your way of life every now and then. And that also sometimes make you aware that you need to change.