If you stroll around an average city centre you will find lots of restaurants. I recently found out that there seems to be a clear difference between the locations of fancy and cheap restaurants.

As most cities The Hague has ‘good’  and ‘ bad’ areas. The good ones are those where houses are expensive and so wealthier people would life. In general this means more luxurious houses owned by the inhabitants, well kept gardens and balconies and cleaner streets. 

The bad areas usually consist out of social housing. Generally the state of the houses is not that good, especially not when it is an area full of rental housing. More people live on less square meters, streets might be a mess.

On the smaller scale shopping areas have kind of the same layout as a city. There are streets full of chain stores, offering many products on small floors for low prices. Other streets offer more luxurious brands; shops are less dense packed with products, prices are high. It seems this also goes for places where you can eat food.

I am not sure whether it is a coincidence or whether it has been planned: The Hague seems to have a strict organization of cheap and expensive food places. When going in east-west direction (or the other way around) one mainly finds fast food restaurants. It is on route from its Central station towards the main shopping street. And indeed this is where the big chain stores have the shops and where nightlife takes place.

When going from north to south, you can find the more fancy restaurants, offering big plates filled with small courses. Every course accommodated by its own wine. And – believe it or not – this is also where the boutiques can be found. Shops where brands are more exclusive and therefore more expensive.

I don’t know if it means something. Of course it has to do with the rental prices of the buildings. And also with the appearance a shop or restaurant wants to dissipate towards its customers. But the strange thing is that it has this east-west and north-south direction. At least in the cities’ centre. Did you ever consider how this is in your town? I am curious!