Off course sometimes you eat things you actually shouldn’t. Some chocolate when you are not happy, chips when you are watching a movie with your friends. It doesn’t need to be a problem, as long as you do not do it too often. This might be difficult if you have one of these shops close to you.

Unhealthy food is usually bought within seconds. You will put it in your shopping basket just at the moment you are not in control of yourself. But in case you are not completely out of control the eye of some other shoppers or the look of the lady behind the pay desk might help you to get in control again. For reasons of shame or because they made you think it isn’t a good idea to eat these snacks you will put it back on the display.

The other shopper or the pay desk lady has the same effect a group can have, either positive or negative. A group might make you to run faster or it might cause you to start smoking again.

The group pressure disappears when you are all by yourself. Vending machines selling (soft) drinks, candy bars and other sweets give you to be anonymous while buying things you actually shouldn’t. As long as you feed it with some coins and tell him what you want, he will give it to you. Of course the choice might be narrow, but this doesn’t matter if you are only hungry for calories.

And even this problem is solved now there are vending machine shops; empty lots which are filled by three, four or more machines which are open almost all day. You can go there whenever you want without the need to face someone who can make you decide not to do it. Should we be happy with this?