How to prepare a  decent pasta in such a small kitchen

Holiday time! I will take a break next week. Not just to celebrate holiday. I will move to another country. The next time the blog will be written from Milan. Another city means another perspective on Food in the Streets.

The Italians love food. Not in a way that they eat all that is available. No. They know about quality food, locally produced and well prepared. And they know when to eat what.

After food comes television. The Italians love drama. Not only in real live, but preferably on television. Weekly shows are hosted by charming old men who are helped by pretty long legged ladies. We all know about the former president owning a national TV channel.

I am really sure about the cooking qualities of the Italian cooks. But after many visits to websites offering apartments I am not sure about the cooking qualities of the rest of the Italians anymore. I know there are the mamma’s preparing perfect pasta’s. But what about the others?

While looking for an apartment I’ve seen a whole range of kitchens. Going from very small kitchens only foreseeing in a microwave and a two pits electric cooking stove cramped in a corner of the apartment to well equipped kitchens with the size of a small living room. But no matter what type of kitchen it was all of them had a television in or very close to the kitchen.

Off course I know it takes a while for the mamma’s sauce to become as delicious as I like it. She spends hours and hours in the kitchen stirring in a pan every once and a while. And even though I am fascinated by the product they prepare for them it seems to be boring to prepare it. Is this why they have a television for some entertainment?

You will find out more about my experiences with the Italians in the comings months. Enjoy summer holiday!