Dutch farmers will bring their surpluses to local food pantries

I mentioned already that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was meant to make sure the Europeans had enough food but worked so ‘well’ that it caused surpluses. During the last decennia some changes in the policy where made to avoid overproduction. It should have caused the European farmers producing enough food to feed their own inhabitants. But nothing is more true than that.

We live in a (officially) capitalist union. When the market wants more, the price will rise. When the price rises, production grows and finally prices can go down again.

Despite the CAP and some protective measurements described by the European Union farmers still have to compete with their colleagues producing goods for prices way below theirs. As long as fuel stays below a certain price and the European wages stay high, it is cheaper to import beans, potatoes, unions and the like from far away countries than producing them ourselves.

These exotic products are a serious threat to the European agriculture. Products produced with a lot of love and efforts are worthless since they are too expensive for the conscious consumer.

Price is just relative. One product can be more expensive than the similar looking one next to it but that won’t say that it will give the producer a better price. A ‘cheaper’ potato from Egypt might have become cheap because of taxes or development money enabling the producer to compete with the EU farmers.

I won’t say you only have to buy produce from your own country even though there are many reasons to do so. I just want to make you aware that the prices on display are not always the real prices. Think twice before you choose.