Without any hard feelings I ate this 150grams of beef for lunch......

Last weekend was a weekend full of contradictions. Not only because one day it felt like we were in the middle of the summer while the other was cold, windy and most of all wet, but also because I’ve seen and heard some opposing sounds while going around the city.

For the first time this year the Cascine Aperte (Open farm days) were organized in spring. As the weather was perfect and I had no other commitments for the Saturday I decided to hop on my bike (being solidair with Rete Mobilità Nuova) and ride south of town. Destination: Cascina Gaggioli.

Cascina Gaggioli is a farm just out of town (it is almost literally in the shade of nearby apartment buildings) where rice and corn are grown under organic conditions. Also they have some limousine cows which are fed with the farms own harvest. Besides that a bottega, some apartments and four sites for campers make the income of the families living there.  

The reason I went to this cascina wasn’t because they grow organic. I didn’t even know that. And besides that I recently started to believe that sometimes local food is as good for our planet as organic food. Especially when it competes with organic food from far away. No, I went there because they promised me a grill to use to prepare the meat available in their bottega! And with me many others, as you can see on the picture.

I enjoyed the meat without any feelings of guilt. I knew it was coming from close by (short transport distance) and the fact that the meat was very tasteful, even when I only added some olive oil, kind of told me that the cows had a good live. Besides that, I only eat meat once or twice a week so I allowed myself to do it this time.

The next day the weather had changed completely and I was expected to be at my work. Since the amount of work wasn’t that big, I had some time to read a newspaper. And then I was struck by this article. 

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