The colorful banquets of spring and summer are much more appealing than those in winter
I guess I can say that this year we skipped the winter season. If we forget about the few cold weeks we had, autumn gently went over into spring. Whatever the reason for this, it enables us to enjoy a lot of things which in an average year we could only dream of.

The sunny days of the last week made it difficult for me to stay concentrated. It is clear that the spring is about to burst out. Birds sing the most beautiful songs, blossoms colour the sides of the streets and my pollen allergy developed itself as it never did before. I feel restless, want to open the windows, clean my house and go outside to do sports or have a drink on a sunny terrace. Preferably in my new spring outfit.

That the winter seems long gone is not only demonstrated by the good weather and the obvious signs of spring. Shops sold out their winter garment to make room for new ‘collections’ with more colourful stuff as for example strawberries, raspberries, asparagus and the like.

We costumers might be very tempted to buy these ‘new arrivals’. After months of heavy food, like cabbages, leeks and beetroots, we are more than ready to change our menu. It is similar to the way we like to change our wardrobe in something lighter and more suited for the sunny days we live.

But as it is not very clever to start wearing you spring clothes (the outside temperatures are still too low) you should also refuse to buy these delicacies that seem so attractive. As SlowFood Italy says ‘eating these products is not really an act of eating local and seasonally’. Even though in some areas they can already grow in unheated hothouses  (like in the southern parts of Italy and Spain), the growing process is forced exactly because they use hot houses and the transport distances to get them in a market anywhere north of these zones, are way too long.

So be wise and stay with that what you should normally eat in March. Even though the strawberries are beautifully red, you better refuse them and continue to have juicy oranges. That might also help you to improve you resistance in case you decide to wear your new spring dresses.